Tips For Shipping An Oversized Truck

Are you moving your oversized truck but not sure how to approach the whole situation? Maybe you don’t know how to find the right car transport company for it? Well, then this guide is prepared just to help you get the best moving experience and value for your money. Read it till the very end to know everything:

Find the Best Car Shipping Company:

This goes without saying, but you need to work with the absolute best of the best. Shipping an oversized truck is not the cup of everyone’s tea. It requires special equipment and trailers to facilitate a giant truck and safely get it across.

So, head to Google, search for the best car transport companies and see which ones pop up. Go to their websites, check for the MC (motor carrier) number, Google Maps verified address, and an official email address. Then, check their reviews on BBB (better business bureau) and Google Business profile.

Once you shortlist companies with the best ratings and reviews, as for car shipping quotes for your oversized truck and hire the one that gives the best deal.

Find Out Exact Weight and Dimensions:

This one is very important. You need to know exactly how much your truck weighs and also what its dimensions are. You’ll have to provide these things to the auto shipping service provider for an exact quote.

A slight change in the truck’s weight and dimensions at the time of pickup can result in change of price and its shipping route, which can cause delays in shipping as well.

Plan the Loading and Unloading:

Before you wave goodbye to your truck, you need to arrange for the equipment, crane, or forklift, depending on the truck’s size and weight. Some freight companies might have their own equipment, but they may charge higher for this.

You can rent one for loading the truck, and it might cost you less. Similarly, when the truck arrives at its destination, you will have to make the same arrangements for unloading.

Consider the Insurance:

Although, vehicle transport companies have liability insurance but depending on their coverage amount, you might have to purchase an additional policy. A giant truck is definitely an expensive automobile, and if damaged or completely destroyed, the repair or replacement cost can be very high.

Therefore, ask the car transport company about their insurance policy, what’s covered and how much coverage they have. If you feel like their amount is not sufficient, go for additional coverage like a GAP policy which covers the gap between the coverage money by existing policy and the total amount required in case of damage.

Prepare the Truck:

You will have to get the truck checked by a mechanic to ensure it is in perfect condition. Furthermore, have it thoroughly washed to see any existing damages that you can add to the inspection report.

If there are additional damages when the truck arrives at the destination, you can use that inspection report to file claims.

Plan for Delays:

Although the expected delivery time you’ll receive from the auto shipping company will be pretty accurate, delays can still happen. Since giant trucks are moved using special trailers, they move slowly because of the weight.

And if their planned route has traffic or is blocked, they might have to take a different one which can result in some delay. Planning for these interruptions can help you avoid any problems down the line.